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What People Say

  • Pauline acts as a mirror and translator of your thoughts and feelings.  By providing knowledge and tools she empowers you to make changes and recognize what matters most for you as an individual.  All of this is achieved at your own pace. I confidently and passionately recommend Pauline and Refreshyrlife to all women who are seeking guidance and clarification about issues in their personal and professional lives.

    Bron S

  • Paulines warmth and authenticity at our sessions made me realise I can do this too. I can trade chores or distractions for more time creating what I want.

    Vicky D

  • My brain was working overtime but in a short space of time I was thinking deeper and clearer. Pauline was inspirational in helping me over the hurdles and helping me recognize my natural talents so I could move on.

    Anita B

  • Pauline is a breath of fresh air. She has a knack of reading between the lines and asking questions that bring out new awareness and ideas.

    Alison F

  • Thank you Pauline for your support. I was really struggling and seemed to have come to a full stop. Your wise words and wonderful spirit combined with your ability to get to the heart of the matter moved mountains for me.

    Lindsay S

  • Pauline has excellent communication skills and clarity accompanied by a great sense of humour. She can relate to a wide range of people from all walks of life. Her honesty and integrity also help people to feel comfortable with her an d are able to come to much greater clarity about their own life issues simply by talking with her.

    Nickola B

  • After the loss of my husband I became stuck in the loneliness and blackness of it all. Pauline showed me more positive ways to express myself and find pleasure in life again. Her intuition, insight and warmth made it easy to share my thoughts and feelings, I am luck to have found her.

    Anonymous, Timaru

  • Dare to live fully the length and breadth of your life.